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Meeting Application is an event platform that comprehensively makes the work of event organizers easier. Simply create and manage your event on the website as well as in the app. Prioritize smooth communication. Impress both participants and competitors.


Digital heart
of your event

An interactive website, ticket sales system, event application, reception, and printing of identifiers - all from one supplier.

A solution tailored for business conferences, scientific symposiums, trade shows, festivals, conventions, events of non-governmental organizations, clients of event agencies, tour organizers, and many more.







360° event management solution from one provider

Landing page

A landing page that sells and builds community

Utilize our ready-to-use landing page, which is more than just a static event promotion page and ticket purchasing platform. This page offers attendees the opportunity to access various Meeting Application features from the moment they enter. Attendees can register, watch live event streams, easily browse other participants' profiles, schedule meetings, or engage in discussions on forums. They can also download additional materials, complete surveys, view speaker profiles, ask questions, and rate presentations. Exhibitors can independently update their profiles, saving you significant time as an organizer.


Convenient and flexible registrations in just a few moments

Request marketing permissions and send welcome emails. In addition to basic attendee information, collect custom data using editable forms. Utilize multiple registration options, from 100% open access to invitations only for VIPs. Add attendees from a list or allow them to register independently. There are many intermediate options. You decide which ones fit your event.


Easily manage tickets for your event

Ticketed events serve not only as revenue generators but also as a means of controlling attendee access. Enhance the event entry process by allowing attendees to enter using a QR code on their ticket. Independently generate discounts and additional ticket options such as lunch vouchers or paid attractions. Include a form with custom questions, and based on the selected ticket type, decide which part of the application is visible to each individual. Enjoy the convenience of automatically generated invoices.

Mobile application

Effective reaching of every participant

Share information, navigate, and notify about current changes. An event mobile application is a tool that facilitates managing every aspect of an event. With an intuitive user interface, users can easily plan, promote, and track their events in real-time. The application offers flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of every organizer and ensure unforgettable experiences for participants.


Instant tickets scanning

Verify attendees' tickets instantly using just the application, without additional equipment, and verify each person entering your event in seconds. Print QR code badges on the spot, saving time on pre-preparing personalized badges and ensuring smooth entry flow. Keep track of guest list updates in real-time to know how many people have entered the event. Send PUSH notifications for latecomers. Allow self-check-in for individual sessions within the event and save on physical event handling costs.


HTML code snippets to insert into your website

Save time by not building your event's dedicated website yourself. Either fully utilize a ready-made interactive event page or easily copy elements such as agenda, speakers, or exhibitors and place them on your site. Manage information from the admin panel. The entered data is immediately refreshed on your site, the interactive event page (landing page), and in the mobile app simultaneously. This gives you and your team more time for other tasks.

All-in-one solution for event organization

Real-time update

Instant preview of added content

An event is a living organism. Sometimes the client requests last-minute agenda updates, a speaker is running late, or there's a need to change the room for a presentation. Changes happen quickly, so you need to react quickly too. In Meeting Application, every change in our system appears instantly where it should: on the event page and in the mobile app. Additionally, you're eco-friendly. You don't print flyers and minimize your carbon footprint.

Community building

Encouragement to return to the event

Your event gathers a community of individuals who share common interests, business, or needs. For participants, it's an excellent opportunity to meet wonderful people, and for you, it's a chance to build a community. In addition to the meeting scheduling tool, provide opportunities for discussion on forums, share downloadable materials, engage selected groups with PUSH notifications. Add a touch of competition and leverage gamification.


Extended possibilites of actions with exhibitors

Enhance your collaboration with exhibitors. Place their booths on the interactive map to make them easier to find at the event venue. Invite them to the system and allow them to independently update their profiles - you'll save a lot of time and give them control over what's most important to them - exposure at your event. Earn more by selling them dedicated PUSH Notifications. Attach the exhibitor as an active participant and allow them to scan QR codes for various purposes.

One application, multiple views

Different access levels for various audience groups

Divide participants into groups in any way you like, visible only to you and your team. Depending on the needs, decide what individual guests will see in the mobile app and on the event website, as well as which tickets will be visible to them. Set separate agendas for VIPs, unlock selected features depending on what each person paid for, and send PUSH notifications only to exhibitors. In short - guide participants and event partners by directing the right people to the right places.

Business matching

New business partners at your fingertips

Ensure that your event brings real business value to participants and offers a unique opportunity for casual networking within the industry. Provide participants with the ability to easily search for each other, build relationships, and manage their calendars. Allow them to assign tags to themselves and quickly find valuable contacts. As the organizer, decide whether you prefer roundtable discussions, complete freedom in choosing time and place, or perhaps the opposite - a predetermined schedule for meetings?

Dedicated apps

Personalized event website and mobile app

Unlock the potential of customization. You receive event website and mobile app designs tailored to your brand's style and backed by technology tested at thousands of other events. Besides the visual aspect, what's important is that you can add multiple events in the mobile app, fostering community building and unique communication with participants. Discover how this can change your approach to event organization.

Complex system suited for events and conferences


Assistance with organizing your event

When creating and configuring your event, feel free to use extensive help articles. Each module is thoroughly described, includes tips, and screenshots. You also have access to a chat where consultants respond. They have experience in creating over 2000 events, so you can be assured they will find a solution for you as well. Expect an introductory 1:1 training session with a dedicated mentor as well.


Comprehensive event data

Enhance the event by tailoring it to the needs of participants. Check how many attendees purchased tickets and how many attended the event. Analyze survey responses, share results with event participants, and review speaker ratings. With this information, you can draw conclusions on what to improve in the next edition of the event and provide feedback to speakers.


Technically and legally protected event

Rest easy. The digital aspect of your event is hosted on stable servers and meets all legal requirements. Therefore, leverage tested technology and always stay compliant with GDPR regulations. Protecting participants' data is our priority.


Personalized messages to participants

You don't need additional tools for email communication. Automatically send personalized emails to new and registered app users, ticket purchasers, those requesting invoices, and exhibitors. Add your own text and welcome graphics or use existing templates. Effectively manage the event, giving guests a sense of full care.

Sensitive Data Managed by the Organizer

Exclusive access and data management by the organizer

Collect data with full control as a data administrator. With the ability to export data whether you need to manage it or secure it in case of emergencies, this option ensures your data is always accessible and secure. Maintain control over both user data and the data management process, ensuring they receive adequate protection and compliance with regulations.




Get ready to use product in less than 30 minutes


How to describe Meeting Application in 3 words?

Imagine waking up a few days before the event with a sense of full control. Participants are registering smoothly, ticket payments are flowing into your account, and any updates made in the admin panel immediately appear on both the website and the dedicated event app. This comfort is provided by Meeting Application.


Event website, tickets, mailings, mobile app, and reception in one ecosystem.


Next-generation technology tested at thousands of events worldwide.


Functionalities and management tailored to your event's needs.


Ready to get started?

Every plan includes an interactive event website and mobile app. Additionally, you can add on reception support, on-site event assistance, content filling assistance, and much more. Choose a plan tailored to your needs.


1 event

For comprehensive fulfillment of basic requirements.

Ticket sales
Personal calendar
Speaker profiles
Discussion forum
1:1 chat
PUSH notifications
Surveys & Quizzes
Live streaming


1 event

Expanded package for larger requirements.

Sponsors & Partners
Downloadable files
Maps and GPS navigation
Business matching
Sponsor banners
Event gallery


Many events

For demanding projects with multiple events throughout the year

More than 1 event in the same app
Customized look of the mobile app and event website
Community building
New features on demand

Achieve your business goals with Meeting Application

Are you looking to reduce organizational workload, build your brand, increase ROI, or position your event as more innovative? The Meeting Application platform adds real value and supports you on the road to success.

What do Meeting Application customers value the most?


The user-friendly technology, tested for many years at events worldwide, provides a sense of confidence and control in the chaotic world of event organization.

Minimum formalities

Provided technological and legal security, along with experienced consultants, alleviate the need to worry about fundamental organizational matters.

Time and money savings

Ticket sales, registration, payments, promotional website, and mobile application from a single provider make it easy to plan the budget and allocate tasks within the team.


Nothing kills creativity like technical limitations. Feel the freedom with the flexibility to customize features, languages, and your own graphic identity.

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