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You already know how to organise great events

You have the right content, partners and energy in place but you are always on the hunt for innovations that could boost your results.

Possibly you want to wow your audience, get more social buzz, build a stronger tribe or achieve more sales conversions during and after your event. Or you want it all. The latest trends in the event industry show that if you provide your audience with a well-designed event app, it can get you there.

User friendly administration panel

The Ultimate Event app And user friendly system panel

Meeting Application is the ultimate event app with a simple online system for launching and delivering your app to your audience.

You do not have to be a specialist in technological innovation. We give you a ready-made app. You just need to fill in the details with your unique event data, like agendas, speakers, profiles, etc. Anyway... just click now on the button below and try us out for 14 days without paying a penny.

Event Apps Latest Trend in Event Industry?

Event apps are pretty new in event industry – they have been in use for only the last two years and are becoming popular right now, as you read this website. They are a type of app generally available for all possible devices like iPhones, Android devices and web browsers, which event attendees download for a specific event. They are filled with unique event information, like agendas and speakers profiles, and they can also serve as a tool for connecting and chatting with other attendees, receiving important updates from the event organisers and other functions too.

Over the last two years, event leaders from technology events to social media and web events, have started using such apps, to improve their event experience around the world. Companies like SAP, Forbes, Cisco, UBM, Disney and Johnson & Johnson have used them.

We’re living in a world of mobile apps. They’ve become so ubiquitous in our everyday lives that we rarely pause to look at the impressive numbers behind them. In 2014, app downloads are expected to top 179 billion. By 2017, this is going to rise to over almost 270 billion.

In the digital era, a mobile presence is critical for businesses to attract, retain and communicate with customers. With so many consumers now using their mobile devices to interact with businesses, it is imperative that companies are properly set up to meet customers' needs.


5 Ways Meeting Application Will Skyrocket Your Event Results

Build a stronger tribe within app networking features

Networking feature

Build a stronger tribe within app networking features

Can you imagine your attendees addicted to your brand and events, thanks to the awesome networking channels you have provided for them? Experience more bonding and longer connections.

Think about your attendees and speakers setting up their professional profiles inside your app, browsing the profiles of other attendees and checking who they might already be connected to via Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. They are chatting to one another, exchanging event photos and videos via the event gallery and staying in touch. All these activities and much more will occur through your event app.

Atlantic Council

Meeting Application is useful for staff, speakers, guests. It has a great user interface that makes it easy for guests to find all information.

Bloggy Moms

I loved it. Would love to do this again next year. They were very helpful throughout the entire process and my attendees loved the addition of an app for this year's event.

Startup Foundation

Simply brilliant. Very intuitive and easy to handle, perfect for events, from which you get all the information instantly. Really good!

Create more social buzz with social share features distributed across the app

News feature

Create more social buzz with social share features distributed across the app

With social-sharing features, information about your event will spread across the internet at the blink of an eye. With the in-app gallery and share buttons on actions like joining an event, attending an awesome session and more, news about you and your brand will go viral like crazy. There will be more social buzz than you can imagine. Start looking for bigger venue for your next events - you might need it.


Products excellent each and every time. 100% recommended. Due to involvement of qualified experts MA team develops many innovative technologies.

PR manager, Marketing Progress

Easy, quick, intuitive and useful mobile product! Conference App has become an integral part of our conference series. Great customer service made the difference for me. Thanks a lot for your help guys!

Mobile Trends

I’ve found the cooperation to be successful. MA has satisfied both the client and the app user. I recommend them wholeheartedly! The product has a wide range of features and is easy to use, clear and aesthetic.

Communicate and sell more effectively with push notifications and the real-time help chat with your event team

PUSH notifications

Communicate and sell more effectively with push notifications and the real-time help chat with your event team

Have you dreamed about a tool that will allow you to communicate effectively with the participants of your event?

Tools like push notifications will help you to communicate with your attendees news about special deals, offers, important sessions and even changes to the agenda. Make your team members constantly available to your participants through the virtual help desk.

Use audience stats to communicate and sell in a more precise way, during and after the event

Event Stats

Use audience stats to communicate and sell in a more precise way, during and after the event

Have you ever wanted to know more about your event attendees, target them with special offers or wow them with some customised client experience? Meeting Application gives you detailed statistics about your event, both during and after it. Now you can target your offers more precisely.

Wow your audience with in-app event tools like agendas, lecturer profiles, etc.


Wow your audience with in-app event tools like agendas, lecturer profiles, etc.

Surprise your participants with your professionalism and modernity. The application gives them the opportunity to move freely between different activities through its many features, such as the agenda, maps, networking, push notifications, surveys, etc. Involve the audience! Ultimately, they are the most important part of your event.


Use free for 14 days

Meeting Application Event Package includes:
  • a fully tested app for an unlimited number of event attendees that works on all mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • professional customer care via email and telephone, which is always there when you need it
  • full access to the administration panel
  • tutorials and knowledge base on using event apps to boost results even more
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* If you want your event app to be a unique, downloadable app on the App Store, we will fully customise it specially for you. Just email us at support@meetingapplication.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. You can start NOW and use us FREE for 14 days

    To make it super easy for you to try us out we have created a professional 14 day trial. What’s best about it is that you can get started RIGHT NOW and you will get immediate access to the full functionality.

  2. Tested and proven platform - ready to use

    We have created a simple, tested and proven system that works and is already built. All you have to do is set it up. Just fill in your event data and you can deliver it to your audience in a couple of hours – depending on how long it takes you to populate it with all the data you need.

  3. Application running on both iOS and Android

    For us, it is no difference whether your phone supports Android or iOS. Your application will run smoothly on all these devices.

  4. Elegant and intuitive design

    The modern look of the application will satisfy the most demanding customers. We are constantly collecting compliments for it. And you can be sure that your audience will love it!

  5. User friendly panel

    It is super easy to set up. You don’t need step by step tutorials to take full advantage of the application.

  6. Result-oriented features

    We have created the app by thinking about the results you want to achieve, so every feature is designed to give you a competitive edge for your event.


Your participants will stay up to date with all that takes place during your conference. You can enter any information you want to forward them.


Show the sponsors that support organization of your event. Popularize their brands among wide audience and let them shine.

PUSH Notification

Some highlights you want to inform your attendees about? Ad hoc changes? Send them SMS-like messages to keep them up to date!


Mark all important places on a map. Describe them, add photos and the app will be the navigator. Make it easy for your attendees!


Give your attendees opportunity to network. They can create and fill in their profiles to easily talk to each other in the app.


Include detailed information about the speakers: biographical background, current profesion, photos. Show which lectures will be held by them.


Your participants will find date, event description, names of speakers here. They can create their own schedule and be always up to date!


Sometimes your participants want to ask a sudden question during the session. It will be immediately seen in the application.


How It Works?

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Download the app and fill in the administration panel

Fill your panel with unique event information like agendas, speakers and sponsors profiles and we will do the rest.

Follow our easy tutorial and lessons to get the most of your 14 days trial!

Our readable tutorial will help you easily go through all the steps of introducing the application. Remember, you do not need to be a developer to use it.


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