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A presentation of a new product or service is usually preceded by months of preparations. Something you’ve worked so hard on deserves a flawless product launch. Provide your guests with a tool that will enhance their reception of your product and ensure their good first impression. Meeting Application is an excellent tool for presenting your latest product.

Let your product shine

During the presentation, the guests might miss some subtle details of your product. Sometimes they would like to come back to something they've heard. Make it easier and provide them with all the information from the event. Add full descriptions of your products and services. You can even add your current products if you’re still offering them or want your audience to compare them with the new one.

Meeting Application is useful for staff, speakers, and guests. It's very user-friendly, enabling attendees to find all the important information on their own in no time.

Taleen Ananian

Atlantic Council

Special features for special events

If you want to make your product launch really special, embrace new, user-friendly technologies. All you have to do is place a couple of beacons in different areas of the venue and let them encourage your audience to take a specific action. You can create additional games and quizzes to further engage your audience.

I like that attendees can connect with each other. The custom surveys were really useful in getting insight that could be presented during the conference. It was also nice to get instant feedback on the sessions.

Markus Arvidsson

Marketing Specialist, Inuit

PUSH notifications

Send friendly reminders before, during, and after your product launch. Don’t let the hype of your new product or service fade away quickly. Grant discounts, send special offers and inform your audience where they can buy your product.

Easy, quick, intuitive, and useful mobile product! Conference App has become an essential part of our conferences. Great customer service is what made the difference for me.

Adam Piwek

PR Manager, Marketing Progress

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