Aplikacja do konferencji akademickich i uniwersyteckich

Regular participation in Academic and University conferences is considered vital for a career of a scientist, and being an invited speaker at meetings is an important recognition of the influence of their work. Meeting Application can serve as a university event app for events of any scope. Whether it is a conference, symposium or academic event, it’s crucial to make it best possible.

It’s not necessary to spend loads of money on creating your own conference management tool since Meeting Application is the best app for events of various types. Let your speakers share their knowledge and exchange experiences comfortably thanks to one of the best university apps.

We have already supported the academic world with our app providing them with easy to use solution that facilitates scientific meetings planning, organizing and matches academic industry conferences.

Accessible and Eco-friendly

As we are aware that academic events or scientific conferences usually require printing loads of materials such as abstracts, agendas, venue maps and many more – in order to take care of the environment, we made it our top priority to include all these in the mobile app. Abstracts functionality matches any type of scientific conferences, providing a brief summary of a conference proceeding. You may upload each speaker’s content so you can be sure every attendee will be familiar with the discussed topic.

We used Meeting Application on a user-faced conference so it was a lot about sharing knowledge and interactions and the app fits very well for that.

Markus Arvidsson

Marketing Manager, Inuit Sweden

Share knowledge, exchange experiences

We believe that a seamless flow of information during a conference is essential. That’s why our real-time agenda allows attendees to build they own event calendar with information about space, exact time and speakers. In case of sudden change, there’s nothing to be concerned about, as our app for university events keeps your audience up-to-date constantly – for any urgent notices, you can use the PUSH notifications.

During such events, there is a need to share presented knowledge. Thanks to university event app researchers are able to upload their results, articles, recent reports or publications into one place. Your attendees have constant access to these materials during and long after the conference. We know the value of such scientific content, hence we have taken care of it. All the materials are gathered and safely stored in one place – right in the mobile app.

Meeting Application offers a networking component that facilitates socialization among participants, brings them together to learn about recent developments, so they can present new data to each other and discuss it critically, as well as get to know new colleagues. It’s a great opportunity to talk to the person face-to-face.

Meeting Application concentrates information and make it available to your audience with simplicity and clarity, updates and notifications in real time make life easier for any event planner.

Allan Alves

Marketing Analyst, CBC Taurus

Enhance communication, evoke engagement

It’s not a surprise that while presenting recent results, questions arise and the participants want to discuss the topic. It doesn’t have to be difficult to handle all of this smoothly. Our university event app provides real-time Q&A functionality that enables curious attendees to ask questions easily via the app.

If the event is aimed at increasing attendees’ skills, qualifications and knowledge, employing the conference app seems to be a must-have. After the scientific meeting, you can check its actual results by establishing test in form of a quiz in order to check participants’ knowledge. Mobile app rating feature gives you the insight on almost every conference aspect’s quality from the participants’ point of view.

The application is stable, easy to use and pleasant to use both from the user and administrator level. There was no need to print agendas and other information, everyone could check everything on their smartphone.


Marketing Specialist, Konica Minolta

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