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Music festivals began with the hippie movement, but contemporary festivals have little to do with that period of time. Nowadays people’s expectations are much higher. They demand a safe and well-organized event with easy access to information. Music festivals that meet these expectations will long be remembered and visited in the future. Meeting Application supports music festival organizers and makes their job a lot easier.

You don’t wanna miss a thing!

Missing your favorite artist's concert due to a sudden change of time or stage is a real pain for every fan. Thanks to Meeting Application you can provide your audience with a real-time program, which automatically updates whenever you make a change. Send an additional PUSH notification to make sure everyone gets a heads-up.

Meeting Application is an invaluable aid not only when you start organising the event, but especially during the last, hottest few days before opening the gates. It has a very flexible and intuitive backend, so it's really easy to modify information on the go.

Justine Michalak

Get around the music festival with your event app support

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the stage where your favorite band is playing right now. Help your audience get around with all the available stages marked on an interactive map. You can also add other useful points of interest, such as festival information booths, food courts, parking lots or toilets.

People could get to all meeting places on time, despite the changes in the program. This is a game changer for us.

Adrzej Bobak

PUSH notifications

Today’s festivals are fueled by social media. People love taking pictures and sharing them with friends. Turn up the volume with a photo booth right inside your festival app. As the organizer, you can also post photos live to engage your audience even more. And when the event ends you can use the photos for future communication.

App solved the problem with communication between attendees and provided constant access to the newest information during the event.

Lukas Zajac

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