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Meeting Application can serve as a great conference app for political conventions, party congresses or nonprofit organizations conferences as well. Whether it’s a big annual event or one of the campaign meetings our app will make it truly memorable and exciting for all of your participators. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in creating your own conference management tool. Meeting Application can be customized easily to match various types of events serving as the best app for organizing NGO as well as GOV conferences or meetings.

We have already supported a political party with our app providing them with easy to use solution that facilitates government event planning, organizing and matches government industry conferences.

Best data safety and information security

We realize that political or government events require full safety of information. While creating our app, we took special care of making data security our top priority. That is why we protect your entire communication with a strong, 256bit SSL encryption. And if you wish to restrict the access to your event, you can do it through a secure access code and an additional email whitelist. That creates a complete, two-step verification process. Put aside any concerns about your participators’ personal data and uploaded confidential content safety.Katherine Jones

We used Meeting Application on a user-faced conference so it was a lot about sharing knowledge and interactions and the app fits very well for that.

Arti Annaswamy

Organizing team of Big Data LA

How to manage your information flow: provide & share

Ensuring a seamless flow of information during a conference is crucial. That’s why our real-time agenda allows attendees to build they own event calendar. As we have the idea of how busy government events goers are, they can use the feature as planning schedule. You don’t have to concern about sudden changes, as it keeps your audience up-to-date at all times. For any urgent notices, you can use the PUSH notifications.

Enhance your audience experience by providing all the extra materials they might need – during gov or nonprofit organizations events, there are large pieces of content and info to share: presentations, documents, reports.

Thanks to Meeting Application, your attendees are able to have constant access during and long after the conference. We know the value of such organizational content, hence we have taken care of it. All the files are gathered and safely stored in one place – right in the app.

It gives the opportunity to insert an event schedule with clarity, segmented and with the maximum information. Meeting Application is a feature that every event should have.

Allan Alves

Marketing Analyst, CBC Taurus

How to manage your information flow: gather & collect

If you want to know whether your event was really useful and brought actual results, you can easily check it thanks to the mobile app. Its features can be used as a voting system that provides results in real time and is accessible to every attendee with the downloaded app. Rating feature gives you the insight on almost every conference aspect’s quality from the participants’ point of view.

What’s important – Meeting Application provides you the feedback collecting system which works in real time (just as the Q&A component – during meetings attendees can ask questions in actual time of the event), so you can track guests’ opinions and preferences during the government event, to see how they change from the beginning to the end. The results are gathered and accessible to the organizer and create highly valuable data in form of feedback.

It moves our event attendees from the various social media platforms and keep them glued to the event.

Michael Kibuka

IT Specialist, MoSound Events

Diversity and availability

We realize that mobile devices of government events attendees differ – just as their political preferences. That’s why Meeting Application is supported by both iOS and Android operating systems to meet the expectations and needs of every participant, regardless of the devices they use.

We started working with Meeting Application at a time when our professional event was making a strong digital shift. Feedback from our delegates shows that the application makes it easier for them to access key information to make business connections.


Communications Manager, Sunny Side of the Doc

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