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Film festivals are not only a feast for the eyes but also a great opportunity to be inspired, share ideas and form new relationships. Engage your event’s audience further with Meeting Application film festival app tailored to the needs of festival-goers as well as festival organizers.

List of films you don't wanna miss!

A lot of what we can see on movie festivals are niche productions. Make it easier for your audience to choose the right one. Provide them with a list of movies followed by detailed descriptions so they can have all the information they need right in their festival app.

Meeting Application proved to be an invaluable tool for Raindance Film Festival attendees, guests, and staff for organizing busy schedules from hundreds of screenings and events over the 12 days of the Festival. It has a simple user interface that made it easy to find all information.

Joseph Supple-Turnham

Raindance film festival

Get around the music festival with your event app support

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the room where the movie you badly wanted to watch is being played right now. Help your audience get around with all the available screening rooms marked on the interactive map. You can also add other useful points of interest to the map such as festival information booths, food courts or toilets.

I highly recommend Meeting Application. Interactive maps and the agenda feature did a great job! The application was an invaluable tool for us and our attendees.

Lorne Stone

PUSH notifications

After the screening is over, most of the viewers want to share their opinion and further discuss the movie. Use this fact, and give your audience a chance to share their thoughts. Create thematic discussion channels and build up your community.

Having a feature-rich mobile app helped us a lot while organizing the event. Attendees had full access to important data, agenda, networking features, and interactive maps. We especially liked the PUSH notifications feature. In other words, Meeting Application did most of the operational work for us.

Magdalene Nowak

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