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How to make event app available only to the chosen group of people?

OPEN: It’s up to you to decide if the access to the event content is restricted or not. You can also make registration required or optional. If you don’t have any confidential data, we advise going for a fully open app. It can expand your event promo possibilities not only for the actual but also potential audience.

WHITELIST: This option gives you full control over the people registering in the application. Add emails of people who are on your attendee list. Only this selected group of individuals will be able to register in the app. If you see someone unauthorised, you can ban or delete his account with one click – you don’t need any extra support

Can you enable your audience to filter events and make a personal calendar in their mobiles?

Satisfy your audience with personal event calendar option. Attendees can browse the agenda and create their own event schedule.

It gives them an opportunity to personalize their event experience. The reminder will automatically inform them about the next bookmarked activity during the event, so they don’t need any extra information from event manager.

Can you show directions without engaging any of your staff?

Help your audience get to the venue and find the right room on time. With event mobile app it’s super simple for attendees to reach a destination and get around your event with interactive maps and built-in Google navigation. They can also book an accommodation near the venue within the app thanks to our partners.

You can include floor maps to make the indoor navigation as easy as ABC.

Can you increase event income without spending a single coin?

Turn your event application into a revenue generator. Present ROI to your boss, sponsors, exhibitors, and external advertisers.

It’s a unique chance to get to the target community during the event and increase sales. Enable the chosen brands to reach out to participants and open new revenue sources. Don’t forget to charge extra for in-app ads!

Can you seamlessly register and check-in attendees at your event?

Make your event app an ultimate tool even before the big day. Enable participants to buy tickets for your event or for specific points of your agenda well in advance. That will not only increase the attendance rate but also make the revenue more predictable.

How to put a lot of data into handy yet reliable tool while not worrying about the internet?

Native apps run smoothly because they follow the iOS and Android design standards.

Users intuitively know how to navigate your content and are amazed by the design, speed, and usability of the event app. There is a guarantee of complete safety and security of this tool.

An extra asset is the fact that our native app for events works in an offline mode.

Can you provide an efficient communication flow between you and your audience?

Publish updates in one place and redirect your audience to all your channels. Link your event app to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook. By integrating your social channels you increase traffic and followers rate on the daily communication platforms. Thanks to this component you can also write targeted notices to your audience which is available only to event app users.

Can you redirect attendees to all extra resources before you even receive queries?

Some conferences are more about expanding professional knowledge. This component is a great place to provide attendees with extra resources and add more value to your event.

You can redirect them to any web address and previously uploaded files including presentations, abstracts, PDFs, videos and more.

Can you quickly announce changes even during the event?

Manage your program effortlessly with event mobile app. Introduce changes whenever and wherever you need.

You can update all content quickly. The event app will inform your audience about the changes. It is that simple!

Can you give attendees a way to network during the whole event and beyond that?

An event app can be a powerful tool for initiating new business relations between attendees. With this feature, you will enable participants to use the app to set up a meeting at the venue at a convenient time. Starting new business relations has never been easier!

Can you engage attendees at the fullest and make your event a memorable experience?

Gamification is a great way to increase attendees engagement rate. Choose a social game that makes event app users to get to know each other in the best possible way during at least 2-minute chat. Or pick treasure hunt, which is all about finding the right places around the venue to gather points.

Can you receive feedback from attendees automatically?

Collect opinions via pre-event, real-time, and post-event surveys and a voting system. With event app you can easily gather the attendee feedback.

Survey reports are available instantly so you will able to support your event staff and improve your current and upcoming events straight away.

Can you successfully encourage more potential attendees to join your event?

Let your experts shine by the use of personalised bios and photos within event app. Give them a chance to promote themselves and you a tool to show your event potential.

It’s a great incentive for your indecisive audience to take part in your event.

Can you make your event memorable and entertaining with no effort on your side?

You should entertain your audience at the event. Remember that attendees appreciate authentic engagement. Photos are of huge value in this process.

They are also a great source of visual documentation of your conference. You can use them on your social media and as promo materials.

Can you make timely announcements without disrupting the event schedule?

Even the best event organizer may encounter sudden schedule changes or emergency issues. Thanks to unlimited push notifications in event application you can react instantly and reach out directly to your attendees through their mobiles. Or you can offer some of them to your sponsors, making the partnership deal even sweater!

16_audiovisualmaterials_en k
Can you grant an easy access to cost-effective yet attractive materials?

Enrich your event materials with videos, audio, and images. Meeting Application makes it possible to entertain and educate your attendees with various materials. You just need to add links and upload images.

With an event app, you don’t have to print all of that, so you can stay eco-friendly.

Can you assure your partners, sponsors, and exhibitors that they will get enough attention?

Event app is the best tool to satisfy your current co-organizers and attract the potential ones.

You are able to promote their brands by presenting their rich profiles – not just logos. Make them take full advantage of promotional opportunities with Meeting Application event app

Can you offer a personalized and location-based communication?

This feature allows you to define actions, which are triggered once users reach the specific location at your event. That presents a unique possibility to establish location-based communication with your attendees. Harness this technology to amaze them.

1:1 CHAT
Can you boost networking among participants and help them meet each other?

Enhance socializing and engagement by the use of one-to-one messaging. Well, there is no doubt that event mobile app has tremendous potential, because it has never been easier to stimulate interaction between the organizer, audience, speakers, sponsors and partners.

20_questions submission_EN
Can you enable attendees to submit questions during a discussion panel easily?

Hosting a great discussion panel or Q&A session is a tough task. Especially if there is a lot of attendees wanting to ask questions. With an event app having that feature you can empower participants by letting them submit questions via their smartphones. You can still moderate them and choose the best ones.






6 EVENT APP features that can really make a difference.

Real-time agenda

You don’t need to worry anymore about the programme changes. You can easily manage your app content when your paper materials become outdated. There are a few different types of event apps on the market, but with Meeting Application you are able to introduce changes whenever and wherever you need. In addition, users can filter the agenda records, add single events to favourites and receive automatic reminders about the chosen sessions. Moreover, single sessions can be connected with speaker profiles. Your audience can also grade presentations and ask questions to speakers.

Push notifications

Even the most experienced event planners sometimes encounter sudden schedule changes or emergency issues. So we can say that event app is something like event management mobile app, because thanks to push notifications you can quickly react and reach out directly to your attendees. Your notices are displayed on user phones. It is a highly efficient communication tool. Do not hesitate to make timely announcements and update your audience. In addition, push notifications enable you to redirect users to news channel and surveys. You can send notifications to all users or groups of people – it’s super simple like this event app tour.


Nowadays, we kinda live in social world, right? No doubt event mobile apps are socially connect. How about linking your app to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook profiles? You can publish all posts in one place and create an efficient communication channel. Your app will automatically upload feeds from your communication channels. In addition, this feature enables you to write dedicated news with pictures. This is what makes it so exceptional. You can reach out specifically to your target recipients without engaging all brand followers.


One-to-one messaging system and Feedwall encourages socializing. It has never been easier to stimulate communication between the organizer, audience, speakers, sponsors, and partners. As a result, with event apps usage you are able to build a dedicated community of profs. Socializing and exchanging knowledge is often one of the essential advantages for your audience. Your conference is nothing more than another chance to open new business opportunities and meet interesting people.


It is a great idea to help your audience get to the venue and find the right room on time. Thanks to the floor plans and built-in Google navigation your attendees are able to reach a destination and get around your event without engaging any of your conference staff. Each venue has its full profile with map, description, picture and website address. You can also create separate categories for tourist attractions or best restaurants and mark them on the map. It will encourage people to relax after a day of sessions.


Your event app is very useful in satisfying your current sponsors, partners, and exhibitors. This component is not only about logos. You can promote their businesses by presenting full company profiles. Let them take full advantage of promotional opportunities with the Meeting Application by uploading their backgrounds, website addresses, social media channels and more. Having a nice professional profile may generate new business opportunities and increase the follower rate on all official channels of a given brand.


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