6 EVENT APP features that can really make a difference.
  • Meeting Application - agenda
    Real-time agenda
    You don’t need to worry anymore about the programme changes. You can easily manage your app content when your paper materials become outdated. There are a few different types of event apps on the market, but with Meeting Application you are able to introduce changes whenever and wherever you need. In addition, users can filter the agenda records, add single events to favourites and receive automatic reminders about the chosen sessions. Moreover, single sessions can be connected with speaker profiles. Your audience can also grade presentations and ask questions to speakers.
  • Meeting Application - powiadomienia push
    Push notifications
    Even the most experienced event planners sometimes encounter sudden schedule changes or emergency issues. So we can say that event app is something like event management mobile app, because thanks to push notifications you can quickly react and reach out directly to your attendees. Your notices are displayed on user phones. It is a highly efficient communication tool. Do not hesitate to make timely announcements and update your audience. In addition, push notifications enable you to redirect users to news channel and surveys. You can send notifications to all users or groups of people - it's super simple like this event app tour.
  • Meeting Application - wiadomości
    Nowadays, we kinda live in social world, right? No doubt event mobile apps are socially connect. How about linking your app to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook profiles? You can publish all posts in one place and create an efficient communication channel. Your app will automatically upload feeds from your communication channels. In addition, this feature enables you to write dedicated news with pictures. This is what makes it so exceptional. You can reach out specifically to your target recipients without engaging all brand followers.
  • Meeting Application - networking
    One-to-one messaging system and Feedwall encourages socializing. It has never been easier to stimulate communication between the organizer, audience, speakers, sponsors, and partners. As a result, with event apps usage you are able to build a dedicated community of profs. Socializing and exchanging knowledge is often one of the essential advantages for your audience. Your conference is nothing more than another chance to open new business opportunities and meet interesting people.
  • Meeting Application - mapy
    It is a great idea to help your audience get to the venue and find the right room on time. Thanks to the floor plans and built-in Google navigation your attendees are able to reach a destination and get around your event without engaging any of your conference staff. Each venue has its full profile with map, description, picture and website address. You can also create separate categories for tourist attractions or best restaurants and mark them on the map. It will encourage people to relax after a day of sessions.
  • Meeting Application - partnerzy
    Your event app is very useful in satisfying your current sponsors, partners, and exhibitors. This component is not only about logos. You can promote their businesses by presenting full company profiles. Let them take full advantage of promotional opportunities with the Meeting Application by uploading their backgrounds, website addresses, social media channels and more. Having a nice professional profile may generate new business opportunities and increase the follower rate on all official channels of a given brand.