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Business is about people, especially the people you work with, your team. That’s why internal corporate events are the main engine of great businesses. When done right, professional events increase employee commitment and fuel company growth.

  • internal training,
  • corporate conferences,
  • company retreats

all bring people together through meaningful experiences. Let your crew enhance such occurrence with conference meeting app that delivers networking functionalities and consequently strengthens relations among employees.

Mobile apps for corporate suit many kinds of events, ranging from corporate meetings to conferences and conventions. There is no need to invest in creating your own meeting app for corporate since there is a possibility to use one of the best conference apps that can be customized easily to match different needs.

Meeting Application has helped corporations create those experiences and make them truly memorable.

Share information easily

You no longer have to worry about any last minute changes. Update the mobile agenda included in conference scheduling app and your visitors will see it instantly. If you worry that they can miss the update, you can always send them a PUSH notification and catch their full attention.

Whether the event is a company-wide congress, one of the annual conferences or convention increasing employees’ skills, qualifications and knowledge, introducing the conventions app seems to be a must-have. Enhance your audience experience by providing all the extra materials they might need – presentations, documents, videos or photos. Right at their fingertips, conveniently gathered in conference app.

Our event attendees loved using the mobile app to vote for their favorite team and discover more information about CARE. Event app worked way better than printed programs and made it possible to update vital information when it changed at the last minute. I highly recommend it!

Katherine Jones

Global Events Manager at CARE

Secure your event

Security is key, that’s why all of your communication is protected by a strong, 256bit SSL encryption. You can also restrict the access to your event by using a two-step verification process – an approved list of users and a secure event access code, so you can be sure that not a single undesired individual acquires any confidential info You don’t have to worry anymore about your attendees’ data and uploaded content. With Meeting Application you will have the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

This mobile app’s security features are great. We can restrict the access during internal events, so no unwanted guests will show up. That’s very convenient.

Adela Grzyb


Have full support when and where you need it

Although the mobile app is fully reliable and intuitive, at Meeting Application we work in accordance with the idea that forewarned is forearmed. We predict in order to prevent, so every event is provided with top-notch mobile application’s service. That’s why our support team is accessible and ready to assist and advice round the clock.

When a problem arises it’s good to have someone who can help you. At Meeting Application you will be assigned a dedicated corporate concierge at your disposal. You can even order a full data upload package and have us do all the work for you. If that’s not enough, we can provide you with an onsite support specialist, anywhere in the world.

We like the networking option and the real-time agenda. Although, the greatest benefit is the professional and dedicated support team that is always willing to help.

Michael Kibuka

IT Specialist, MoSound Events

Measure the results by collecting feedback

If you want to know whether your event was really useful and brought actual results, you can easily check it thanks to mobile app. Rating feature gives you the insight on almost every conference aspect’s quality from the employees point of view. Also, in case of conventions, conferences and training meetings – it’s easy to check the knowledge of participants with surveys and polls functionality. Customized questions and quizzes deliver you the valuable feedback of the whole venture.

What’s important – Meeting Application provides you the feedback collecting system which works in real time (just as the Q&A component – during corporate conventions attendees can ask questions in actual time of the event), so you can track guests’ opinions during the event, to see how they change from the beginning to the end.

The application was great for our conference users, easy to use and navigate. The app had more features than we used, we’ll definitely plan on using more features for next year.

Joe Dan Galyean

VP Application Development, Cinemark

Are you ready to enhance your corporate event?