Symposium Cracoviense


Symposium Cracoviense is present at the business tourism market since 1998 and aims at delivering professional logistics and technical support during prelections, presentations, and exhibitions. Company shares the values of Polish hospitality and special care as for attendees and guests, achieving organizational successes. Symposium Cracoviense bases on experience, sustainable development and promoting corporate social responsibility among customers.


Being a Meeting Application’s customer, Symposium Cracoviense uses the app as a conference organizer mostly during medical events. The mobile tool makes it easier to share knowledge, presentations, reports – the whole content, as it is gathered in one component accessible to every participant of the event. It also enhanced communication and boosted networking of attendees, thanks to game-like methods that break the ice.

Symposium Cracoviense medical conference app

Basic info


  • Poland

Type of event

  • Conference


  • Medical
  • Business tourism